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The Tronie’s of Croydon-Oh (Jul 6-9)

A series of new paintings and sculptures by the Artist Paul Chisholm celebrating or commiserating a supposed post Covid and Brexit Britain. Created during lockdown in the past two years.

When someone asks you where are you from? And you say Croydon they respond with “oh”. The paintings are a continuation of the artists series “ The Lost Children of paradise” Taking the concept of the circus onto or into the streets and our houses where we were confined to during the pandemic.

Mainly inspired by the new insights of peoples homes and their heads whilst live streaming from the confines of their homes. This pandemic gave us a new zeitgeist in terms of the way we hear, see and interact with each other especially via the news, peoples book shelves, the mess and the interiors of their homes are broadcast live on TV, as well as social groups and special interest groups via zoom or skype. Suddenly our heads have become public figures and the ways in which we portray ourselves and our ideas are subject to our background image choices when using a video camera and our headshots. i.e a Tronie. A Dutch term for a face portrait. Funnily enough the artists boyfriend is Dutch and they spend half the year in Amsterdam.


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