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A Final Act of Friendship (May 24-28)

Fresh from it's 5* run at the White Bear Theatre, A Final Act of Friendship, is a play about what it means to be a friend, particularly with someone who has a different skin colour to you, and how we can all look to be better friends in the fight against racism.

"If I could change the way he sees me, that would be one tiny step to changing how he sees race. Racism. And his role within that."

Two young men from different backgrounds meet and begin to compete in an industry that inherently favours one over the other. When they realise they can learn from each other to help them get ahead, a friendship of sorts forms. But how far will each of them go to play the friend, and what is their ultimate goal?

“It can be an exchange. I need to learn more about your world, and you need to know more about mine. Don’t you think?”

A Final Act of Friendship shows the importance of sticking up and showing up for your friend no matter what, but also being able to have those difficult conversations we can sometimes shy away from. Above all, it's about learning to take a new perspective.

"Perhaps you’ll pay more attention to this message coming from the mouth of a white person"

A Final Act of Friendship is written by and stars Stephen Hayward (Mountview graduate, 2019) alongside Gbenga Jempeji (RCSSD graduate, 2021). The play is directed by Natalya Micic, and designed by Matthew Kalorkoti

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