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Sorry, this event has ended. Alternative events are listed below.

How to set-up a community themed event around sustainability

Would you or someone you know like to learn about how to set-up a regular event in your community themed around sustainability?

Sustainable Thornton Heath is hosting a free 1 hour (ish) Zoom call on the 30th of every month starting at 8pm for anyone interested.

The calls will be informal in nature, likely starting off with some background on the group and hubs, what it needed to do and put in place to establish them, and what the key lessons have been to date etc. But we will then move to more of a Q&A format, which we also hope will occupy most of the call time to give people plenty of time to ask questions that relate to their own thoughts, ideas or even plans. Would also be great to hear from anyone else's experience of running such events.

Help us spread the word so we can try and help get sustainability events popping-up elsewhere in Croydon (and maybe beyond)

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