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Addiscombe film-maker Carlo Bath directs The Wrong

The Wrong by FILM IT VFX STUDIOS is a psychological horror movie about a killer who targets teenagers.

The police are finding it impossible to seize the predator and so they release a demonic serial killer known as the Juicer onto the streets to catch him (after all, it takes a killer to catch a killer).

The movie is written and directed by Carlo Bath and assistant director Paul Killick. It's been in production for nearly 2 years because of the pandemic, but the team hope to wrap by February 2022. The movie is set to be released mid 2022. A computer game is also planned.

Parts of "The Wrong" are filmed in Lower Addiscombe, Croydon and there are a few locations that people we’ll recognise straight away. 

Director Carlo lives in Addiscombe and is a Parkinson’s sufferer. He's been creating movies from a young age. It's what he loves to do. 

"The film has been created on a zero budget but bringing that Hollywood feel to Croydon was a must and with the support of so many good friends and people around me, we have set out to make something special. Film making helps me mentally and just makes me happy."

FILM IT VFX STUDIOS is involved with local charities and is supporting the MacMillan Cancer Trust with this movie. 

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