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Housing charity Evolve launches Christmas campaign to tackle homelessness

London homelessness charity Evolve Housing + Support has launched a new Christmas fundraising campaign to tackle homelessness in London this winter.

Evolve provides housing and support to over 1,000 people every year, including hundreds in the borough of Croydon, where they run several supported housing services. These services offer safe accommodation, along with personalised support to help people move on from being homeless and into new lives.  

Their campaign, ‘A future free from homelessness’, is raising money to help people find new jobs, access education and address past traumas related to homelessness. Called ‘economic social prescribing’, this project combines mental health assistance with wider education, training and employment support.

“For many, moving into new jobs or training is a vital step in leaving homelessness behind for good. However, lots of people who are homeless have experienced trauma and had very difficult experiences. This can make it hard to move on, which is why we combine our work and learning efforts with psychological wellbeing support in the form of counselling or therapy. The results can be amazing, and we are seeing people move on to new lives all the time.” 
Jon Deakin, Community Services Manager at Evolve

Economic uncertainty and the cost-of-living crisis have caused rough sleeping numbers to rise dramatically across London in 2022. Evolve is working extensively in Croydon, as well as other London boroughs, to help people impacted by this. They offer somewhere to stay, and give people the tools they need to move on from homelessness for good.

Evolve campaign banner

Their campaign – which is match funded by local partners - is raising money to help them continue this work. From midday on Tuesday 29 November to Midday on Tuesday 6 December, all donations to it (link below) will be doubled, meaning that people’s gifts will have twice the impact on helping to reduce homelessness.