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Levi Roots and Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones team up with Pamper Indulge and Give

Pamper Indulge and Give (P.I.G) are a charitable organisation in Croydon who teach children aged 5 – 11 years old about health, wellbeing and fitness.

P.I.G are starting The Green Project on the 26th February 2022 that has also been awarded £63,000 funding for the next three years from the National Lottery. 

The Green Project will be teaching local children each week about sustainably and the importance of growing your own food. Their allotment at Bensham Manor Allotment will be where the children will be working on to grow their own food and also cooking with what they have grown on the allotment with Celebrity Vegan Chefs Kirly Sue and their Patron Levi Root.

Their other Patron that’s involved is Mr Wilfred Emmanuel- Jones, The Black Farmer and he told us why it’s important to him to get involved with this project.

“Giving children first hand experience of the land and growing things is invaluable.  So many young people today have never made the connection between the land and the food they eat,” says Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones, The Black Farmer.  “This is why I am really proud to be part of the Green Project and to be actively building greater awareness of the role of the land and farming in our lives and the part we can all play in growing food locally and sustainably.”
Wilfred Emmanuel- Jones, The Black Farmer

The Director of the Pamper Indulge and Give, Charlene Charles states that it is important that children learn where food comes from as when we asked them where food comes from, they really don’t know.  This project is important to us so that children learn more skills that they can take with them into adulthood and understand the importance of sustainably. It also keeps the children focused and away from knife crime and learn more about their community.

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