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Local nursery group committed to fighting climate change

The Butterfly Patch, a nursery group based in six locations across South London and Surrey is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in 2022.

The nursery group has implemented a variety of changes in its nurseries to become more eco-friendly and join the fight against climate change.

These changes include:

  • A big focus on reusable and recycled items, like used or sustainably made toys and reusable changing mats.
  • Actively monitoring and reducing energy and water usage via smart meters.
  • Installing new technologies, such as Leakbot to track water leaks.
  • Sending diapers to an incinerator which converts waste into energy.
  • Making the website net-zero by planting more trees the more visits it receives. 
  • And training staff to be proactive in reducing their own carbon footprints through schemes, for example, cycle to work in our London branches.

We are also planning to do even more in the coming months!

‘Through leading by example for our little ones, we aim to create a positive impact where possible. This includes working actively as a nursery group to reduce our carbon footprint, with the hope to become carbon neutral in the coming years.’

For any further information please contact