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Missing Defibrillator at Waitrose Coulsdon

This is an appeal for the return of the community defibrillator at Waitrose, Coulsdon which has gone missing.

My name is Kevin Dryburgh I am the business development manager for Lifeaid Defibrillators who installed the equipment at Waitrose Coulsdon some time ago.

We had a report from the store some ten days ago that the defibrillator had gone missing. If the emergency services had taken the unit we would have been made aware.

This is a community defibrillator that anyone can access 24 hours a day located on the wall outside the store.

We are hoping a member of the public or a local business may have taken it in good faith and forgot to return it.

If someobody has stolen it we would ask for them to please return it as they may not understand the importance of this lifesaving defibrillator.

Some 30,000 people suffer cardiac arrests in public places each year and with no defibrillator close by the survival rate is only 5%.

With a defibrillator close by those survival rates rise to as high as 75%.

This defibrillator was kindly funded by Waitrose to protect not only its own staff and customers but also the wider local community and they can be the difference between life and death.

It has no resale value but was expensive to install and everyone at the store is extremely upset that currently they will not be able to help someone in a cardiac emergency.

If anyone has any info as to the whereabouts of the unit please contact Kevin on 07752 192727 or