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Streatham's Obi Ejikeme directs supernatural short 'The Washerwoman'

South London based film-maker Obi Ejikeme has a new movie doing the rounds at film festivals and award ceremonies around the world.

"The Washerwoman" was made in 2020, before the second lockdown. It was filmed in Manchester in a single day followed by two hours of pick up shots in London.

Obi describes the nine minute film as a Supernatural Thriller. Others think it's Horror. 

The film is currently making its festival run and doing well, winning 21 awards from 13 festivals as well as numerous nominations and honorable mentions.

Accolades picked up so far include recognition from London Movie Awards for Best Dirctor,  Urban Media Makers and The London Rocks Film Festival.

Outlets such as London International Monthly Film Festival, Paris Film Awards, Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival and Rome International Movie Awards have all made positive mentions of the production.

The idea for "The Washerwoman" was developed by Martin Kelly, his first project as a screenwriter. Obi says, "I believe he was going through British mythology and came across legends of the banshee. He was drawn to one involving the washerwoman and decided to write a short script. I wanted to direct it, having made two other short films before."

Obi's other films include "Harsh Living", about an ex-con trying to put his life back together after coming out of prison. Another is "Just Another Angry Black Woman", about a day in the life of a young Black Mother. This was co-directed with the writer Andreia Solomon Burke and got a number of official selections in festivals and won Best Film at Isle of Portland short film festival. 

More details about "The Washerwoman" plus the creative team behind it can be found at IMDB

After it's festival run, Obi hopes to have the movie available on streaming services.

About the Director

Obi was born in London to a Nigerian family and lives in Streatham. He humbly says of himself, "I am not in the movie making scene at all, I'm just someone who loves films and would love to make it a career".

Look out for "The Washerwoman" when it hits streaming services or pops up at a film festival near you in 2022. Why not give it a mention at your local indie cinema and recommend they scream it - sorry, screen it!